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School Values

Our Curriculum and Learning Values

Our Mission

Curledge Street Academy aims to create a learning environment which gives a ‘Flying Start to Lifelong Learning’.

To become a ‘Lifelong Learner’ in the 21st century, our children will need to be resilient and confident individuals, with an ability to relate to others and communicate their thoughts and ideas with humility and understanding.

To this end we have four key values at the heart of our curriculum:

Our ethos value is one of respect.  We encourage all members of our school community to be respectful to others.  To empathise and value one another’s opinions and beliefs.

Our key learning values are independence, creativity and collaboration.  Through the use of cooperative learning structures, Bloom’s Taxonomy and employing the principles of growth mindset, our key learning values are at the heart of our practice and intrinsic to all teaching and learning.

The ‘CONNECT’ Curriculum

Our curriculum is linked to the needs of our children and is designed to provide challenging, purposeful, innovative, real, collaborative and aspirational learning experiences for our children.  It aims to connect them to the wider world through working with issues based, expert and community partners.

Through these and a commitment to the principles of assessment for learning, we aim for all our
children to meet their full potential.

Our ethos value and our key learning values each have a creature assigned to them to allow all children to access the different concepts


Burris, the whale, is our mascot for respect.

Huddle, the penguin, is our mascot for collaboration.

Artemis, the dolphin,  is our mascot for creativity.

Solo, the octopus, is our mascot for independence.


Our Rights & Responsibilities

To help members of our school community to be respectful we use the language of rights and responsibilities.


Everyone has the right  to: Everyone must take responsibility by:
● Be able to learn ● Letting ourselves and those around us not be distracted.
● Being independent but knowing when and how to ask for help.
● Having a positive attitude towards our learning.
● Collaborating with others
● Be safe and happy ● Being kind to others.
● Using good manners.
● Keeping yourself and others safe.
● Be respected ● Treating ourselves, others and the environment with respect.
● Being caring.
● Never bullying through word or action.
● Be listened to ● Being a good listener.
● Giving everyone the chance to speak.
● Listening to views of others even if we may not agree.
● Taking turns and know when to take the lead.
● Make their own choices ● Being increasingly independent.
● Being willing to voice your own opinion.
● Trying to put mistakes right.

If you would like more information on our curriculum, please contact the school and ask for Mrs Victoria Carter, who is the curriculum lead.