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School Values

Our Aims:

Curledge Street Academy aims to create and learning environment which enables children to have an ‘flying start to lifelong learning’ and to empower all children to achieve their personal best and be aspirational for their future role within the global community.


To become a ‘Lifelong Learner’ in the 21st century, our children will need to be resilient and confident individuals, with an ability to relate to others and communicate their thoughts and ideas with humility and understanding.


To this end we have four key values at the heart of our curriculum:

Our ethos value is one of respect.  We encourage all members of our school community to be respectful to others.  To empathise and value one another’s opinions and beliefs.


Our ethos value is one of respect.  All members of our school community 


  • Are courteous, polite and kind 
  • Seek to understand the viewpoints of others
  • Have good listening skills 
  • Have high expectations of themselves
  • Are aware of their personal responsibilities
  • Enjoy success
  • Show empathy for and awareness of others’ feelings


Burris the whale is our mascot for respect.

Our Key Learning Values:


Our key learning values are independence, creativity and collaboration.  Through the use of cooperative learning structures, Bloom’s Taxonomy and employing the principles of growth mindset, our key learning values are at the heart of our practice and intrinsic to all teaching and learning.

Our first key learning value is independence.  Independent learners


  • Show good levels of self confidence, self awareness and self esteem
  • Voice opinions and ask questions
  • Challenge themselves, are willing to take risks and persevere
  • Reflect on their own learning
  • Are adaptable and flexible
  • Are organised and use time effectively 
  • Are resilient and can manage distractions


 Solo the blue ringed octopus is our mascot for independence.


Our second key learning value is collaboration.  Collaborative learners  


  • Take an active role in group situations
  • Ask questions and seek to clarify
  • Explain their thinking and reasoning to others
  • Listen well
  • Show respect and value the contributions of others
  • Follow decision making guidelines
  • Value diversity


 Huddle the emperor penguin is our mascot for collaboration.

Our final key learning value is creativity.  Creative learners 


  • Ask questions
  • Make links with previous learning
  • Try new things and approaches
  • Are imaginative
  • Think of and explore more than one way of doing something
  • Display a range of problem solving skills and strategies
  • Take risks


Artemis is our mascot for creativity.

To help all members of our community to be respectful we use the language of rights and responsibilities.

We want everyone to:

With these come responsibilities, so we expect all members of our community to:

Be able to learn

Let ourselves and those around us not be distracted

Be independent but know when and how to ask for help

Have a positive attitude towards our learning

Collaborate with others 

Be safe and happy

Be kind to others

Use good manners

Keep yourself and others safe

Be respected

Treat ourselves, others and the environment with respect

Be caring

Never bully through word or action

Be listened to

Be a good listener

Give everyone the chance to speak

Listen to views of others even if we may not agree

Take turns and know when to take the lead

Make their own choices

Be increasingly independent

Be willing to voice your own opinion

Try to put mistakes right