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Our Curriculum

Curriculum Overview

As part of Bay Education Trust, Curledge Street Academy aims to provide the highest quality educational experience for all groups of learners from age 2-11 during their early and primary years in education. This begins with secure foundations in English and mathematics and personal development.

At Curledge Street Academy the child is at the centre of our curriculum design. We recognise the needs of our diverse school community and through our curriculum we will provide experiences that will enable all children to become creative, respectful, independent and  collaborative members of the school community.

Curriculum opportunities draw upon our locality to ensure children have a context for learning and opportunities that enrich and therefore enthuse learners. Our curriculum is sequential in its design from nursery to year 6; children’s knowledge builds in their time here so they are fully prepared for the next phase of their education journey. We aim to equip all children with the skills they need to make informed choices about their own futures. We are committed to ensuring curriculum subjects, especially foundation subjects, are given an equal weighting of importance which allows all children the opportunity to shine.

For more information on our units of learning for each year group, please visit our Curriculum Information Sheets under our ‘Parent’ tab.