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Mental Health and Wellbeing

Children's Mental Health Matters!

As well as focusing on our academic learning and our physical health, it is really important that we take time to focus on our mental health as well. On this webpage you will find COVID-19 support for families, ways to promote mental health and wellbeing, activities to support mental health and wellbeing and important dates to remember. 

At CSA we have been working closely with the Mental Health Support Team who have provided advice and guidance on mental health and wellbeing. They offer direct wellbeing intervention and advice to children whose mental health is out of balance. More information on how they can help can be found on their MHST information sheet. There is also a link to the MHST Self-referral Form if you would like to access their services.

Click on the images/links below to access the resources.


COVID-19 Support for Families:

Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing:

Activities to Support Mental Health and Well-Being: