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Foundation Subjects


Through our history curriculum, we aim for all of our children at Curledge Street to gain the historical enquiry skills and knowledge required to enable them to develop a coherent understanding of the history of Britain and beyond and to inspire children to make a difference in the future.

We are aware that the context of our setting is within a predominantly white-British community and therefore the curriculum is planned to introduce children to significant individuals in the past, with an awareness of the need to ensure a diverse range of individuals are included in their studies. Our history curriculum draws from, and makes full use of, the immediate and wider local area, enabling children to develop a deep understanding of the rich history of their locality. It also helps our children gain a sense of their own identity within a social, political and cultural background.



At Curledge Street Academy we aim for our children to leave year 6 having gained the geographical skills and knowledge for them to be able to successfully transition into a secondary school curriculum and potentially pursue a career in geography in later life. Through our curriculum we equip children with the skills to make a difference in key geographical issues in the wider world. 

We recognise that many of our children have limited experience beyond their immediate local community and therefore ensure they have the opportunity to visit the range of environments that Devon has to offer. Additionally, we make use of technology to allow children to access places virtually that they would not otherwise experience


 At Curledge Street Academy we see the musical potential  in each child and the impact music can have on overall wellbeing. Children are taught the full range of the music curriculum by a specialist teacher. Children are encouraged to listen and respond to a wide range of musical styles and eras and to create their own musical performances. We recognise that children in our community can be disadvantaged by social circumstances and we therefore offer free music clubs. Through singing, clubs and these lessons we aim to inspire and enthuse each child giving them the skills to become future, confident musicians.


At Curledge Street Academy we recognise the importance of Art and Design and encourage children to express their creativity as a means to build resilience, confidence and independence. We value children having the opportunity to appreciate and interpret what they observe, communicate what they think and feel, and make what they imagine and invent. Therefore, our Art and Design curriculum follows a carefully designed progression of skills, enriched with trips, special days and the use of the outside environment. 


Through these key elements:

Design Technology

Children are encouraged to explore and create from their earliest days at Curledge Street Academy.  We aim to inspire the designers and engineers of the future through a rich and varied curriculum. By the time our children leave Curledge Street, we wish for them to be prepared with the skills and knowledge required to tackle the subject-specific lessons of secondary school.


Physical Education

We place a high level of importance on being active in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. Due to the nature of our school site, we make the best of local sports facilities such as The Hub at Paignton Academy, giving children access to top quality venues and experiences. Children from year 1 up take part in interschool festivals where participation at all levels is of central importance. All children are encouraged to take advantage of a wide and varied extra-curricular programme which aims to increase participation levels as well as develop performance levels for competitive environments. Ultimately, through our PE curriculum, we hope to inspire the sports people of the future, helping all of our children to develop the attitude and have the knowledge necessary to lead healthy and active lives as they grow.

MFL – French


At Curledge street Academy we  aim to develop a curiosity of the outside world and other cultures by developing practical MFL communication skills and knowledge. Throughout the school we also celebrate the range of cultures and languages already present in our classroom (for example, EAL pupils sharing a greeting in their first language). Our specialist MFL teacher ensures our children access a high quality provision with a focus on developing a wide range of vocabulary ready for moving on to secondary school.


PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) education is a crucial part of a child’s education. It gives children access to critical information about themselves and the many facets of the diverse world around them. At Curledge Street, we provide a specifically tailored curriculum that is both broad and balanced, and meets the unique context of our school. We aim to promote children’s knowledge, self esteem, emotional wellbeing and resilience, and to help them to form and maintain worthwhile and positive relationships. Children will be taught to have respect for themselves, and for others, within our local, national and global communities.

Religious Education

Religious Education has a significant role for the development of pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. It promotes respect and open-mindedness towards others with different faiths and beliefs and encourages pupils to develop their sense of identity and belonging through self-awareness and reflection. 

As a school, we recognise the increasing diversity in our local community and see it as a key responsibility to develop respect and tolerance of other cultures, faiths and beliefs through our curriculum.